Terms & Conditions

Booking and Payment:

  • The booking is confirmed upon receipt of the booking deposit, which should be paid by credit card.
  • The booking is not confirmed until Suite Dreams receives the deposit, and you have received the confirmation email from Suite Dreams.
  • The rental balance and the refundable damage deposit will be charged on the provided credit card 30 days before arrival.

Prepayment Policy: the guest will be charged a booking deposit when the booking is made, ranging from 200€ to 300€ depending on the property booked and length of stay, and the pending balance will be charged 30 days before arrival. If the booking is made less than 30 days before the date of arrival, the total booking price will be charged when the booking is made.

Cancellation Policy:

  • All requests of cancellations or changes must be made via email. Cancellations or changes by phone are not accepted.
  • The guest can cancel free of charge until 30 days before arrival.
  • The guest will be charged the total price if they cancel in the 30 days before arrival.
  • All requests of changes of dates or properties are subject to availability and approval by Suite Dreams.

No-show Policy: if the guest doesn’t show up they will be charged the total price.

Damage Deposit: guests are asked to provide a damage deposit as well as a valid credit card number as guarantee for the property rental and its content for any damages caused. Please note that by accepting our Terms and Conditions you agree that any damages caused by you or your accompanying party will be deducted from your damage deposit, and that you will also be liable for any excess damages. Depending on the property, a damage deposit ranging from 100€ to 500€ will be requested. This damage will be paid by credit card together with the rental balance, and refunded in case of cancellation. All deposits will be refunded to that same card used for payment made, within 14 days following check out, and after inspection for damages.


Please make sure you have updated your arrival time so that we can plan your check-in and keep your contact person informed about any delays or changes.

Your contact person needs your phone number and e-mail in case he/she needs to contact you regarding your arrival time. You can send this information via e-mail to info@suitedreams.es or telephone at (+34) 652 551 625.

The arrival day you should call or text your contact person upon arrival at the airport and then will give you instructions on how to get to the property. At your arrival they will be waiting for you at the door of the property to complete your check-in and give you the keys.

The property will be available fro check-in from 16:00, but we always try to accommodate early arrival customers as soon as possible. It is extremely important that we have an updated arrival time. Not having this information may derive in having to wait your contact person and in a delay in check-in.


  • You should leave the property before or at 11:00. Leaving after 11:00 without prior authorization will be penalized.
  • If you need to leave the apartment at a later time, please ask if this is possible at check-in. We will try to meet your request if we do not have an early arrival the following day. If it is possible, you may stay in the property until 18:00 but this will be subject to an additional charge of 50% of the property rental price per night. Leaving any time after 18:00 will entail an additional charge corresponding to the full rental price per night of the apartment.
  • On the day of your departure you should leave the property clean and tidy with all waste correctly disposed of. Please leave the keys and close the door behind you after making sure that you have all your personal belongings with you.


  • The property will have been cleaned prior to guests’ arrival.
  • Before leaving, the client is obliged to leave the property in perfect conditions, i.e. all waste should be correctly disposed of and the property tidied. Otherwise, there will be an additional cleaning charge.

Number and identity of guests:

  • The client should inform Suite Dreams of the number of guests in the booking.
  • Only those persons indicated in the booking made by the client may enter the property, unless an alternative agreement has been reached with Suite Dreams.
  • The number of clients using the property should not exceed the number assigned to each property.
  • Pets are not allowed unless permission has been specifically granted.
  • Should the client fail to comply with any of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions, Suite Dreams reserves the right to ask the client to leave the property, and the client in question cannot request any form of compensation.


  • Loud music and parties are strictly prohibited. Guests in a Suite Dreams property should be aware that if loud music is played, or a party is held, and the neighbors complain and/or police are called, you may be immediately removed from the property regardless of the time, day or night.
  • Noise regulations and respect for other residents between 22:00 and 10.00. We would appreciate your full cooperation in this matter and we hope you understand that these rules are necessary, as our property are located in residential areas with people that have to get up early and go to work. The quiet time in the evening for the neighbors should therefore be respected.
  • The client agrees to behave responsibly and correctly on behalf of their accompanying party as well as themselves. If this person, or any of the accompanying party behaves in an unsuitable and incorrect manner, Suite Dreams reserves the right to ask the person and their accompanying party to leave the property. Furthermore, from that moment on they will have no right to future claims or any form of compensation. Finally, the client will lose all payments made including the property rental and the deposit.
  • We remind you that on booking a property with Suite Dreams you automatically accept our Terms and Conditions, which we expect you to comply with.


  • Neither Suite Dreams nor the owner will be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused to the property as consequence of use by the client. This includes damages, insurance, loss due to fire, theft, and misconduct.
  • In the event that the client fails to comply with the aforementioned Terms and Conditions, Suite Dreams reserves the right to ask the client to leave the property, and the client in question cannot request any form of compensation.